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Cherish Birthing was born out of my passion to help women bring their babies into the world with confidence and joy. To help them tune into their intuition and trust the divine design of their body and the birthing process. To support couples as they birth their baby together. My heart as a doula is to empower you to have a birth experience you will truly cherish.

What is a doula?

A birth doula is a trained professional support person who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to birthing families through the season of pregnancy and birth.

Why choose a doula?

If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.
— Dr. John H. Kennell, pediatrician and researcher

Studies have shown that women who receive continuous support provided by a trained doula are:

  • more likely to feel positive and satisfied with their birth experience
  • less likely to have a baby with complications at birth or who is admitted to NICU
  • more likely to have a vaginal delivery and avoid cesarean
  • less likely to use Pitocin to augment labor
  • less likely to choose pain medication
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Imagine your doula as a personal trainer for pregnancy and birth. Someone who knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to pregnancy and labor.  A trusted resource who can assure you that the things you are experiencing are normal and you’re doing a great job!  An encouraging presence by your side supporting you as you bring your baby into the world. A knowledgeable companion who will listen without judging, and support you every step of the way so that your birth is the best experience it can be.

Whether you are a first time mom, or an experienced mom, my desire is to help you feel nurtured, educated, supported and empowered to birth your baby in your own best way. I am not interested in taking the place of dad in the process of birth, but rather supporting the birthing couple as you bring your baby into the world together. I have lots of experience with natural, unmedicated childbirth and love to help mothers achieve that if it is their desire. I believe that every birthing woman is the true expert of her own birth experience. As your doula I will support your choices and empower you to face this season with confidence.